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Helping You Reach The Impossible

Specializing in WordPress Development

BMF Enterprises designs, develops and hosts – evaluates and redesigns web sites. With passion for expanding our knowledge and sharing our experiences we delve into each project as if it were our own. Each project gives us the chance to animate our clients with our ideas eliciting a level of personalization and inviting them to join our family. Because of our level of commitment to accessibility, satisfaction, simplicity and a single vendor web solution, we are comfortable in guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Our Services

We focus on WordPress site and plugin development.

Creative Marketing

Why hire a full time employee, when you can hire a contractor who will do the work without all the hassle.

We are local and are available to update copy, design advertising, product information and pricing.

Market Research

Learning about your competition will help us focus the delivery of your message to target competitors’ clients.

Mapping & Planning

Sometimes less is more, but sometimes, more is more, we want to work closely with you to make sure we share every part of your uniqueness.

Expect us to be hands on with advice on social media marketing.

Execution & Analysis

Tracking the results of our efforts allows us to keep you on top.

Settle For More

Make your website work for you!


Sites need to work well, the navigation has to be clean, clear, obvious and most of all, it has to actually go somewhere! Once visitors come to your site, you want them to stay and find what you have to offer…

We examine your site, looking for the keys to search engine placement with the thing that matters most. Clear concise content chocked full of good copy. If it is informative and can help visitors to better understand your product or service, you are on the right track.

Let us take a look at your site and help you attract sales!


What are Meta Tags?
Meta Tags are invisible bits of information that only the search engines see. Primarily we use the Key Word tag and the Description tag. The Key Word tag shares with the search engine’s crawlers (spiders) the words you feel clients will use to find you. The Description tag basically shares your mission, a short “description” of your business. This is what the search engine will display when people search for your particular key words.

Meta Tags – The answer to the web!
Not really… We need to make sure your content shares information that is in your Description tag and your Key Word tag. We also generally look at your site as a whole and make sure it is built for searching.

Do you want people to come to your site? Advertise! Advertise, you say… my web site is an ad! Well yes but it is really more like a bit of information that you need to tell everyone about. Get your site in front of people with a print ad, drive traffic with Pay Per Click ads on “like” sites.


Share your business with the world
Everyone knows what a .com is now-a-days… The web is a way to share your business with potential clients and share news about your company.

Everyone needs to have an E-mail address
Why not use my ISP account or a free account ( or These work of course, but psychologically when an E-mail account is seen, people don’t think of a long-lasting stable business.

Make your business professional with a name on the web